Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New money?

According to the Dollar Rede$ign Project...they think we need new money. A more updated look...they say "It seems so obvious to us that the 'only' realistic way for a swift economic recovery is through a thorough, in-depth, re-branding scheme – starting with the redesign of the iconic US Dollar."

Uhmmm...so is this more of the "let's-spend-more-money-to-make-money" idea? It's never made much sense to me!

So what do you think of some of the ideas below??

I tell ya what I don't like already...many and I mean many (including the other designs on the site) are missing one crucial aspect to OUR US Currency...

"In God we Trust."

I'll never be ok with leaving that out. No matter HOW good it looks!

This one looks alright...but it's missing the "In God we Trust."

Uhm. No. Call me old fashioned, but I like the idea of just using Presdients on the currency. I mean, I guess I would be open to using people who have made a difference in our Country...but that could get a little hairy I think.


Nah. Don't like it.

I don't get the picture? Is that supposed to represent the "hills and plains?"

Ok, first off...this looks like play money. And two...if we DO use Presidents...I kinda prefer to use ones that have gone before us, so to say. Not current ones...it's like wearing a bedazzled shirt with Obama's face on it. No thank you.

This really looks like foreign currency to me. I won't wanna be the norm. I kinda like our GREEN money...

This looks like a History textbook page...nahhhhh. Although I do like the addition of some of the Amendments...a healthy reminder maybe?!

No. What is this holographic money?


Uhm...def. a NO. A TRUCK on money? What is this Bob the Builder money?!

Uh #1...the dollar sign comes first. And #2...uh no on including Hollywood on our money.

This one isn't bad...but where is the "In God we Trust?"

Interesting idea of using Our history, but no.

This one isn't bad...it's kind of the same idea and color of our current money...but again...the "In God we Trust" to me, it's THAT important.

So what are your thoughts? Do we need to update our money??


flask said...

i'm sorry, but "freedom of religion" also means freedom FROM religion for those who choose.

i trust in God, but i don't want it on my money. i don't want God in my government. more specifically, i want my government to rule on principles of law and trust in that.

do you want the government to rule your faith? then why would you want faith to rule your government?

what about freedoms? or they only for special people, like us? you know, the Christians.

i want all of the citizens of my country, regardless of faith or absence of faith to have full rights and protections under the law.

i do not need or want my government to preach my God nor place its trust in my God; that's what my church and its ministries are for.

and as long as we preach from out pulpit tolerance for all and equality under the law for ALL and justice FOR ALL, i'd just as well leave it off of the money.

and besides; Jesus tells us all over the new testament that money should not be our concern. ceasar's money is ceasar's money. give to God what is God's and our secular government serves all citizens.

so must its money.

while we're at it, i don't say the pledge (because it contains that "under God" line that was only added in the 50's) and i do not approve of national flags displayed in the sanctuaries of churches.

the church and my life are about God's kingdom; the freedoms of the constitution protect my right to live that way and for me to claim fully this right i must extend the rights of citezenship to ALL the citizens, independent of faith.

that's what keeps us all safe.

April E. :) said...

I respect you for your opinion, as I am sure you can respect me for sharing mine on my personal blog. To me...it means something of Country and what our Country was grown from. I feel like leaving off the "In God we Trust" is just another step in taking God our of our country, through whatever means. That's just my opinion, may it be naive.
I'm not one to really banter politics and the like...so I don't really wish to open a door for that here. I just expressed my opinion, and I thank you for sharing yours. That is afterall why I asked. :)

Myya said...

I believe that our current money has done the job it has needed to do for so many years so LEAVE IT ALONE! I also strongly believe that In God We Trust is a VERY important element to our currency! Most of the ones you listed look like Monopoly money, seriously I'd probably just throw it away thinking I was cleaning up after my kids LOL.

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