Monday, September 06, 2010

Monday Monday OFF

Love it.

Labor Day.

No plans.

It's errand day for Me.

Husby is sleeping from work.

And I am gettin' stuff...done!

Baking cupcakes for our first ever Chicks in Aprons event...CHECK
Filming the dogs in the backyard to work on manual focusing...CHECK
Meet up with TT for fabric shopping and lunchie...CHECK

I am on a roll. Granted it is 2:40 pm and I wanted to be a little further into my list, but oh well.

Still gotta:

Do laundry
Decorate cupcakes
Edit pictures
Make initial fabric cutouts
Start wrapping front door fall wreath

...and whatever else comes my way.

How are you spending your Labor Day?

1 comment:

Many Titles said...

Working, shopping, crafting, baking and then burning before said baking. Just another day =)

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