Thursday, March 18, 2010


April writing...

I got bragged on over at the Husby's blog! :P Figured I would share it here too, since I already planned on blogging about two of the special things he mentions in his post.

Here comes the sweetness!

"I want to take a minute and brag on my wife, so bare with me as I am a little sappy.

This job is extremely difficult and when you add your life outside of the job it becomes extremely difficult to concentrate at work. Concentration is essential while at work because at any given moment this job can become deadly.

My Wife and I have always talked about this and my wife does a great job trying to shield me from as much minutia as possible, while still keeping me informed. She is also extremely understanding about my sometimes annoying habits. I have a whole schedule I must follow before going to work. I get in the shower at the exact same time (if I am late it throws everything off). I then go into the bedroom and get dressed the exact same way. (if I don't I will forget something, like the other day I drove all the way to work without my gun...might need that), then I get all my stuff, kiss the wife goodbye and go to work. This drives her nuts, but she realizes it has to be done.

That is just one thing of many things that she puts up with and doesn't complain (very loudly at least). Lately she has done a couple things that have been very special in helping me start my work day off right and helping me to relax at home.

One day she came home and showed me a cut out of a shamrock. She told me she hid several of them around the house in places that I routinely go to. She then gave me a piece of paper that was like a price sheet. Some of the things on their were 1 shamrock for a kiss and several other things, but the best ones were 12 shamrocks for a bubble bath drawn by her and 14 shamrocks for a 20 minute message. So I spent several weeks looking and running into these shamrocks. I found one in my wallet one day when I went to pay for something at the store. It immediately brought I smile to my face. It was so nice to have her draw the bubble bath for me to take 30 minutes by myself relaxing.

The final thing she came up with has been a highlight of starting my day and it benefits her too I think. She bought these crayons that are erasable and she put them in a cup and they sit in the shower. The first day she put them in there I took a shower to get ready for work and I was surprised with a picture and several different things written on the wall in these erasable crayons. So every night when my wife showers before bed she will write some encouraging, lovey-dovey words on the wall for me to see when I shower. I have started to write her love notes back, so when she showers before bed she will feel loved like I have felt.

What a great way for me to start off my stressful work days. Thank you My Heart for thinking about me and making my day start off right."

Just too sweet. I love doing stuff that makes him smile...he is more than worth it! I'll post more later on the details of the "Shamrock Hunt" and "Shower Graffiti Project."


Shelley said...

Melt my heart!!! Your wife rocks! ;) Thanks for letting us know you two are doing this! ;) So fun!!! -Shelley {}

Blogger Mom said...



Regina said...

That is so sweet and wonderful.

Brittany said...

Its nice to see how much it meant to him

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