Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joys, Fears, Goals and Obsessions

Just a little bloggy fun...and watch out at the end, you may be next!!

1) I love making something from scratch...anything! Food. Clothes. Art. It makes me feel so accomplished.
2) Being married to my best friend. I am still amazed at the times we can kinda come away from being man and wife and enjoy time as best friends. There is a difference...I have the most fun with Husby.
3) Having complete faith in God's plan for me., His plan for my marriage and His plan for our future!

1) I could have all the Faith in the world, but I still fear not being able to have any children of our own.
2) Losing my Husband.
3) Our house burning down.

To continue to be happily married and always communicate adequately; to raise two great children with dreams, hopes and aspirations to do great things with their future. I also want to do great things, even if it is to impact the lives I come into contact with. I want to be debt free and I want to DIY ourselves crazy to make this house the HOME we want it to be.

Current Obsessions:
The color Teal. Blogging and reading other Blogs. Watching our shows with Husby. Sewing. Babies. Photography. Celeb Gossip.

Now...who's next???

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Now ladies...make sure you tag 6 of your friends too!!

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