Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wall Sconces

Cory Writing...

I know April usually posts these type blogs, but I wanted to post one with my ideas for Wall Sconces and get some opinions.

April has been doing a great job keeping you updated on all the work we are doing in our basement. We have decided to install a couple of wall sconces in the stairwell as you go down to the basement. I have done a little research and located several pictures of the type of wall sconce I am thinking about.

Now April might come back and totally throw out my ideas, which for the most part happens because she always says, "You are stuck in the 80's." Well the 80's must have been good to me.

There in no particular order. What do you think?








Dispatcher #33 said...

I like "C", followed by "A"... which is especially fitting since the two of you are "C" and "A"! =)

or maybe it's just funny to me because it's 7am and I'm sleep deprived... LoL either way, those are my votes!

MrsKristinClark said...

I vote C :)
It is the least 80's-licious!

April E. :) said...

I do believe that what my sweet Husby failed to mention is how small in width our stairwell is. Also...we don't know WHERE we are putting the sconces yet, so their size may determine their location, as to not BUMP into them while we travel up and down the stairs.
Babes, this are NICE choices, give yourself a little credit, you aren't TOTALLY 80's...just a smidge here and there. :P
I am feeling "A" and "C". "A" for it's depth, so it won't interfere with our traveling, and "C" for it's look and style, although it may stick out too far...???!!!

Summerly Joy said...


Anonymous said...

Look for flatter ones bud. If you must, go with "A" -Mike

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