Thursday, March 04, 2010

Oh the Humanity!

April writing...

Thanks to the

...we may be getting our recessed lighting for the basement for $1 each! AHHHHH!!!

I don't want to get too excited...we don't know if they have what we need...but I certainly do have our fingers crossed! That would mean we would be saving close to $150+. That's already after saving close to $260 on our windows! Not to mention how much we have already saved buying damaged drywall for like $20! (We got like 16 sheets I think!!)

If I knew it was going to be thiseasy painless fun...ha, then we would have started long ago!!

Anywho...wish us luck!! Oh and I have more basement pics to share...coming tomorrow! Tonight is a TECH-NO night in our house. Which basically means no computer! At least until Cory goes to work, then I may jump on and add my pics, and let you know how our trip to the ReStore goes!!!

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Brittany said...

We totally saw this store while checking out our new area today. look to see if they have anything for us (like a washer and dryer)

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