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a look back...Journaling Part 2

April writing...

...I got a great idea in the shower the other day; I had been meaning to pull out some of my old journals and re-read them. I like doing that every so often. Although I didn't journal NEAR enough when I was younger! While I was reading, I thought it would be a neat idea to share some of the entries with you...Especially some of the ones that show how Husby and I started our relationship. I have changed some names for privacy purposes...if you know me...then you know who the boyfriend was and who Husby is...just to clear that up! Here's the continuing story...

Well, things for the boyfriend and I seemed to be going very well. He had made some healthy changes and I had done a good bit of soul searching and growing. Let's get caught up to where I left off...

"August 30th, 2000,
Well, goodness it's been nearly a month since I last wrote, so let me get you caught up. About a week and a half ago on August 19th, I kinda broke up with the boyfriend. I had never been the one to break up or ask for space before. It was a huge step for me. I really only planned to take some time to myself. I am 19 years old and I really knew I needed to figure out who I was. I had been in a relationship now for 5 years and I had trouble knowing who April was without the boyfriend. There at the end there was too much stuff between us that was constantly causing me grief.
As the next week went on, I did alot of praying and talking to my parents and my girlfriends. I even did alot of talking with Husby. I started to realize something that I was battling for a while...the real reason I broke things off with the boyfriend, was because I really did have feelings for Husby. I know he is my best friend, and I told him that I had feelings for him. He was happy, because as I found out, he had liked me for a while and I never really knew it. We had one minor issue...he was technically still dating his girlfriend. We talked for a long time about the situation and Husby told me that he was already planning on talking to his girlfriend about just being friends, because she would be going away for a year after she graduates and he wasn't looking for a long-distance relationship. So last night, August 29th, he talked to her. They had a long talk and he talked to her about me and she was completely cool with it all, she knew a long distance thing wouldn't work out too. I still felt like I wanted to talk to her, so I did what I do best and sent her an email. Hopefully she will email me back and we can make sure it's all good. I don't want to burn any bridges here. It's been kind of a whirlwind, but I am sure that God has a plan in it all...whatever it is."

Gesssh. I gotta be honest, after reading all that now...almost 10 years later...it seems so quick. But I know now that God did have a plan for it all. His girlfriend is out doing some pretty great things with her life and The boyfriend got married and has two kids already. So it all worked out. In fact that only makes me want to shout to all these 16-17-and-18 year olds that think they have it all figured out...you just NEVER know. You may not even be know that person you are with in a year!!

"September 4, 2000,
Well, Husby and I stayed up till 2:00 am on Saturday talking on the computer. We finally made things official. We are dating. The next day I got my first kiss from Husby. It was all so wonderful. I guess in a way I cannot believe how happy I am. We are both really busy this week so we won't get to see each other everyday, the relationship test begins! I know I can do it...it will just make those times together that much more special. We have a lock-in on Friday, so that will be a blast!"

"September 5th, 2000,
It was such a beautiful day today, Husby came to my job and meet me for dinner. It was a pleasant surprise to see him. After work he came over to hang out too. We took Barney for a walk cause it was so nice outside. We talked alot about the future and marriage. He says he thinks we will be married to each other by the time he is 24-25 and me, 22-23. Then maybe kids by 4 years later. He wants 2 kids, maybe a third if we adopt, which I may wanna do. I am just happy today."

It was a really easy start to our relationship. We were already best friends and I guess I can be honest now, years later...we already were somewhat forming a relationship over the second half of 2000, just without the feelings and physical nature of a relationship.

We continued growing and learning more and more about each other. He was so supportive of me trying to figure out what I wanted to do, and me with supporting him entering the Police Academy...check back tomorrow for Part 3, and what happened over the next year+ for us.

Part 1

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