Thursday, March 04, 2010

Taking a stand...

April writing...

Sorry I have been so boring this week. I'm sleepy.

I am a person who loves her sleep...and when I don't get seems to effects everything. I have never had this problem so bad, not being able to sleep; and I am so over it.

I did some research...and long story short I think I may be a little low on my iron, so I am doing a little extra today to help that.

I will drink at least 3 24 oz.bottles of water today (hoping for maybe even 4!) - DONE (1)
I will have oatmeal and toast for breakfast. - DONE
I brought a full lunch, including some broccoli (for extra iron)
No snacks or food after 8 pm
I will take a warm bath/shower before bed
I will go to bed, lights off, tv off, computer off at 11:30 pm. (This will provide me at least 9.5 hours to sleep)
I will do some deep breathing to relax me.
I will sleep!

And for some added motivation...

I will have VICTORY over my sleepless nights!!!
See you tomorrow...when I will be WELL RESTED!!!


Regina said...

Sleepy...I feel you. I hope your plan goes well. Conquer the night!!

That video is awesome! Where do you find this stuff? I love it!

Brittany said...

Good luck!!! I know that feeling all too well!

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