Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sleeping at work...

April writing...

I am so sleepy. I haven't slept good or nearly enough for the past two nights. I think I am going on a total of 10 hours for both nights. This girl needs more than that. I need at least 7 hours a night.

So I am tired.

...and I am thinking of falling asleep at work...

I'm sure I could do it...there are methods...

Absolute Concentration

A perfect position for a nap: print some important documents and put your hand between your desk and your head, so the papers are in the area of your eyesight.
Caution: Every five minutes turn another page.

Go Underground

If your working place can't be seen directly from the entering door, just lay and relax under your desk; Before that, put your jacket on the chair to look like you are at the work but at that moment out of the office.


Put one big binder underneath your chin.

Advantage: you can keep your regular working position and stay unobtrusive.
Disadvantage: all your colleagues that you share the office with, must be in front of you with turned their back on you.

Coma on a Toilet

Move your head forward towards the bathroom door.
To prevent making an unpleasant red circle on your forehead, put a role of a toilet paper between your head and the toilet door. Important: You have to hold a set of keys in your hand, which will drop on the floor and wake you up when you fall into a deep sleep.


Choose a cabinet in the office that opens rarely. Move the content of it in one side - on the left or on the right. This is very useful for longer breaks.

Blame it on the shoes

Make it to looks like you have to tie your shoes. Put your head on your desk and with both hands hold your shoestrings.

All kidding aside, how do you get through a sleepy day?


Deputy's Wife said...

This is great! I would've never thought of so many ways to fall asleep at work!

MrsKristinClark said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA!!! I love it. But do not suggest it. You need to keep the job to finish the basement :)

Angie said...

I am having issues with that today and I have no idea why! Geesh, this is gonna be the longest day!

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