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a look back...Journaling Part 5...Final

April writing...

...I got a great idea in the shower the other day; I had been meaning to pull out some of my old journals and re-read them. I like doing that every so often. Although I didn't journal NEAR enough when I was younger! While I was reading, I thought it would be a neat idea to share some of the entries with you...Especially some of the ones that show how Husby and I started our relationship. I have changed some names for privacy purposes...if you know me...then you know who the boyfriend was and who Husby is...just to clear that up! Here's the final part of the story...

We had set our wedding date even without a formal engagement...for May 4th, 2002. We would soon decide that more time was needed...

"June 6th, 2001,
You are gonna hate has been forever and so much has happened. I lost my journal and just found it today! So here I am writing...again.
May 5th, 2001...we got ENGAGED!!! Yes, it's official! And it was beautiful. We had gone camping for the weekend with the young adult group at church and Husby was supposed to join us for the weekend on Saturday, because he had to work on Friday. We were going up to one of my favorite spots, "High Rock." We were going to watch the sunset. Husby hadn't showed up to the campgrounds by the time we left and I was more than a little bummed. We travelved up to the overlook and hoped that the would meet us up there. As we drove up to the parking lot, I saw Husby standing there with his family and some close family friends. Of course little naive me didn't think a thing of it. I just thought they came up to join us for the evening.
We wall went up to the overlook and watched about 45 minutes of the sunset. At that point Husby stood up and had me stand next to him. He turned me towards him and said, "April I love you and you know that you are very special to me." Then it hit me...the next thing I knew he was down on one knee with a ring and said, "Will you marry me?" Of course I screamed YES! about 7 times! Everybody was there, the sun was setting, it was so beautiful. So it's OFFICIAL...finally!
On June 4th, we put a contract on a house. A two-bedroom townhouse for $80,000. We were both so excited because we had been looking for weeks!
The next day we found out that we didn't get accepted. We chalked it up as a loss...but as I say, God has a plan..."

We actually GOT that little two-bedroom townhouse. The offer was finally accepted and it because our first home together down the road. And long story short...we decided between us to cancel the original wedding date and reschedule it. It wasn't until May 3, 2002 that we finally picked a new date.

"May 3, 2002,
I am ashamed I haven't written in so long...not since December! We have finally set a new wedding date! April 5th, 2003! It seems so real and yet so far away! I know that time is going to fly by now though!
We have been working on alot. Husby has been settling in, living on his own, I have been looking for a the perfect job and he has been transitioning into a County Police job and getting out of the City. Alot of these things were reasons we decided to push the date out anyways! The wedding plans have slowly started. We are working on a budget and still trying to keep all the cool things that we want in our wedding in tact. I am getting so much more excited every day! Husby is too!
I promise to be better at writing, I don't want to miss out on remembered such a special time in our relationship."

I didn't write again until October 4, 2002...haha. So much for writing alot!

"October 4, 2002,
Well, I guess that no matter how hard I try, I always seem to forget to write! Oh- bad me! Anywho...we are 183 days away from the wedding! AHHH! Last night I got my wedding dress! Talk about making things seem real!
Husby and I are doing great, happily planning! It's amazing to see how much closer we get each day!
The plans are slowly coming together. We have decided upon having the reception a friends house who lives like a minute from the church and has a gorgeous house and land! I will talk more about the wedding plans in the next few entries....I promise to stay in touch, too much going on to NOT write, you only marry once..."

and again...I didn't write again until January 10, 2003!!

"January 10, 2003,
Well it's finally 2003, and we are officially 85 days away from getting married. I am really sooo excited! I think that Husby get nervous at times, but other than that I think that he is holding up very well!
We recently went and registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target...that was fun! We changed the reception plans, we are now having the reception at the church campgrounds, cause we get it for FREE and we can fit alot more people there!
Husby finally paid off the Honeymoon...the surprise Honeymoon. I don't know where we are going! It's all so exciting and fun! I know this has to be a hard secret for him to keep..."

And you guessed more entries till August 12, 2005!!

"August 12, 2005,
Talk about not writing for a while!!! haha! Almost three years!!!
Husby and I have pushed through our first years of marriage, isn't it amazing! Who would have thought...after all the bumps...finally! We recently moved out of our oh-so-tiny townhouse and bought our forever house. It's wonderful.
We have a great little puppy whom I talked Husby into getting for me about a month after getting married. So he has been with us since the beginning!
There has also been talk of another "addition" to our little family...we will see how that goes..."

And that was pretty much it for journaling...I wish I had done SO much more! There are a few intermittent journal entries from the past 5 years...but not much. Guess I should really kick my butt into gear so that I can blog about now in 7 years!! :P Thanks for coming along side and reading our journey. It was a fun ride, with many, many, many lessons learned!

Do you journal?? How do you tell your story?

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