Thursday, March 11, 2010


April writing...

I love anything creative; so when some friends of mine asked me to create thier Blog headers I happily obliged!

So if you see something you like, contact me and we can chat about designing you something GREAT for your blog!
or visit my blog!!

This one I made a while back for OD...she has since created her own, which I love!! I love pushing her to be when we made her laptop screen...that was fun right OD?!

This one was made for my girl Brittany...whom I am trying to get her to start blogging again! Go encourage her!! She is having a house built...what a great topic to blog about ehhhh Britt?! :P

Then I have made a few for my blog is a hoot to read...

this one is the most recent one for her...

Then here are a few headers that I have made for myself...

I hope you have enjoyed some of my designs! Let me know if you are interested!! I also do logos and photo editing. All prices here!

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