Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Checking in...

April writing...

So last May, I blogged our "semi-large" To-do list...

Let's see how far we have gotten...they were...
  • Replace Gutter, downspouts and soffit - $ (yeah, this is a bigger cost than anticipated, possibly to be done this Summer.)
  • Replace carpet in 3 bedrooms. - $ (I would really love to do this now, but we are thinking it may be more of a winter item, partly because we are too excited to do some work outside!)
  • Install crown molding in Dining Room and Living Room - $ (we actually plan on doing this the first full week in April! I am really excited for that!)
  • Paint Office - *hopefully we will be doing this, when it become a Nursery - $ (So yeah, the office will be moving downstairs soon enough, and the middle room will become a guest room/library. So no need to paint till the office moves downstairs. The Nursery, when we need that room...will be what is now the spare room.)
  • Paint Master Bedroom - $ (we are super close to this one...possibly during our vacation in April we can finish this. Since I finally picked out my new bedding!)
  • Replace remaining Master bedroom furniture with our furniture from Ikea. - $ (1 out of 5 purchased...not sure on the timeline for this one...)
  • Add patio to backyard (right outside kitchen door) - $ (Well, we have gone so far as to say we want to try doing this one on our own. My back hurts already just thinking about it. But we are pretty far off from dropping a pretty penny like that. It moves itself down the list as we speak.)
  • Add small patio and pergola to the right of the stairs in the backyard (including a gardening center for me! - $ (Same as above.)
  • Put edging around planters in the backyard and mulch - $ (We should be working on this very soon. Waiting for just a bit more warmer weather...but not too hot!)
  • Fill in bare spots with grass seed and weed the backyard. - $Yeah! Finally one we finished! Although I am sure more weeds are going to creep up this year!)
  • Finish the basement (including studding, drywall, carpet, flooring, paint and ceiling) - $$$$$ (Well, we are ON our way in that department. Not sure how the working outside will slow us down...but we shall see)
  • Re-do electric in basement - $$$$ (Done!)
  • Paint and organize Craft room and Laundry Room (in basement) - $ (This will happen when the basement is finished.)
  • Purchase furniture and possibly pool table for basement. - $ (see above.)
$ = Under $150
$$ = $300-$700
$$$ = $800-$1200
$$$$ = $1300-$2500

So there ya have it. The plans keep on coming. We have knocked a little of that work, and still have SO much yet to do! But I am excited for it all...each new project brings us closer to having our HOME the way we want it! (and on a BUDGET!) Stay with us, much more to come!

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