Friday, March 05, 2010

Lemme shine some light...

April writing...

First things first...TGIF!!!

Now...moving on...

We got our recessed lighting last night!! We went over to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore as mentioned here hoping to get our recessed lighting for $1 each! Well...that was all used lighting and not the right size we needed. However...they did have NEW-In-BOX options for 5" recessed lighting kits, (all we had to buy were the bars to hang the lights, which were cheap at Home Depot!). The best part is...we got them for $7 each! The kit came with the light, box, and trim. As mentioned above all we needed to purchase separately were the bars, or the arms to hang the lights.

We needed 24 lights, so if you are doing the math...that's $168. Which is GREAT because when pricing what we needed, we were getting numbers like $278.00 at Home Depot and Lowe's...and there we were having to buy the Light and the trim was extra. Trim is

So there we saved $100!

It was actually quite the adventure! I told Cory as we were running across the street from the ReStore to Home Depot that I kinda felt a rush from price comparing and racing around to try and find the best deal! He agreed! It was very rewarding!

We could have actually saved another 20 bucks if we bought the lights from the ReStore on Saturday, as they were having a 20% sale on lighting, but our Saturday was already booked, and we felt the $20 kinda equaled the hassle of driving 25 minutes through the ghetto to get there again and the gas it would take. Besides, we were already saving $100! That's great.

So now, if you are keeping track like I am...
we have saved over $360 so far on our basement, buy shopping around and looking for deals. Probably a little more...that's just been since I have started keeping track. Not to mention all the little things we haven't had to buy because someone let us have unused tools, hardware, etc.

So now, we are spending this Saturday hanging lighting and setting up plugs and light switches; with the help of my Pops. After that it's time for us to start installing insulation. This is going to be a bigger budget job; but that doesn't mean I am not shopping for the best deal!! If anyone knows of any good deals on R-13 Faced insulation...please...let me know!

Anywho...more fun to be had...much more spending to do...eeekkk; but we are getting much closer!

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