Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's time to roll up your sleeves...

Have you started your gardening yet?! I am so excited about my week off next week. I plan to plant some of my seedlings and get to work!! This year I am actually starting my very own veggie garden...I am both excited and extremely nervous!

So I'm prepared...are you?

I have some great items in my shop that would be perfect for your gardening needs!!

Let's start with some tools...
I have the Fiskars shovel and it is perfect! Especially for bulb planting or plant transfers!

Here are some great items to add some style to your garden! I love hanging baskets of any sort...and these liners are perfect. They will last you through the season and hold water in to keep your plants hydrated!

Want to bring the garden inside?? What about these vases? The Whitney Smith Vase is a great addition, and an even better gift..Mom maybe?? PLUS I there is a coupon good for 25% off, good thru the end of TODAY only!!! Coupon code is BIRD25. Use it when you check out!

The tall vases have so many uses...I can't wait to put my Sunflowers in a fun, spunky vase like this to add color to any one of my rooms!!

...and even more great tools! Are you growing any Herbs this year?? The Prepara - Herb Savor & Mini Herb Savor is great to have on hand to save those herbs and keep them fresh and on hand!! And the HomArt Chalkboard Stakes will keep you organized in the garden!

so be sure to drop by my Shop today and get all the tools you need to be prepared! And remember, there is a giveaway coming VERY soon! So be ready!

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